The Divine Spark

Helping to Build a Healthy Community through

Healing, Counselling and Training.

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Start your Journey towards a Better You

Choose from a full-range of workshops and courses designed to tackle every aspect of your life to help you discover new ways to face all challenges in life.


Live Healthy with energy and spiritual healing.

In just an hour, feel different!  See why so many others have laughed and cried, and hugged me,  after your energy centres are cleansed, re-energised and spiritual healing subtly re-connects you to your soul -  the source of your divine spark

Modality: Pranic (Energy)Healing to cleanse energy systems, and Spiritual healing to align body soul and mind


Dream Big – invite abundance into your life!

When our negative thought patterns and negative energy is cleansed and released, limiting beliefs become empowerment and prosperity.

Modality:  counselling, pranic psychotherapy, angelic guidance, use of matras


Be Happy and Peaceful

Improve your relationships, realise your true nature and find harmony and happiness in life.Let spiritual healing, counselling and angelic guidance can revitalise you.

Modality: Spiritual healing reconnecting to your innermost being, brings true lasting peace and happiness.

What can be treated?

Emotional Trauma

Physical Ailments


Low Energy

Mental Imbalances

Anxiety & Addictions

Relationship insecurity

Low Self Esteem

About us

Karen, is a fully trained and qualified healer who has worked and trained under various masters in this field over the last 18 years.   She is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and a student member of the Australian Counselling Association. 

Karen’s approach is therefore multi-contextual, having both a Christian, New age and long metaphysical background, combined with formal counselling skills.  It is not necessary to "believe in God" or "be religious" to receive healing, just a willing seeking heart for healing from a pure divine source.

Her vision is to bring both happiness and peace to all her clients by addressing "the divine spark" within us all.    This Divine Spark is at our core, and careful use of healing techniques and connection with the source of that "spark" can bring radical change to a person's wellbeing.




Our Services

No two healings are alike, because we work intuitively, guided in the moment to respond to each individual's needs, but typically a session will consist of approximately 20-30 minute intuitive counselling, followed by thorough pranic and spiritual healing while you relax on the table in our private healing studio. 


Unlike some other healers, we believe that the most important recipe for healing is to be in a safe nurturing environment, to be understood, heard and known.

Using professional counselling techniques, we listen very carefully, and without any judgement to your story, which is sacred and unique.  We then listen for any guidance which is usually being given from spirit or angel guides, and also scan the chakras and energy bodies to diagnose exactly what specific areas need cleansing or energising, and how best to support you in your healing needs. 


No two healings are ever alike.  We are intuitively guided and typically use a combination of healing techniques including -pranic healing basic.

- Our own modality called "spiritual integration" which often seeks to relink the spiritual connection back with source in a very subtle.

- Advanced pranic healing, using colour on specific chakras

- Pranic psychotherapy, involving the energetic discretion or removal of negative thought forms or addictions

- Use of crystals including our special Vogel cut crystals, amplified for powerful energetic resonance


Once the energy centres are cleansed and balanced, it is then time for a process of what we call "spiritual integration". This is a very subtle process of aligning the spiritual connection with the mind and the body, balancing all of the chakras, and sweeping, and re-scanning to make sure all is aligned and integrated.


After this we do a grounding exercise with the client to ensure they are "back in their body"  to their normal waking awareness. After the healing we will discuss with you any significant shifts 

that happened during the healing, and their meaning. You will feel refreshed and energised, peaceful and calm.

Popular Posts

About our Healing and how it works

At the Divine Spark, we are trained in all levels of pranic healing, and so are able to use the full "toolkit" of this modality to address your specific needs.


I have known Karen for more than a decade, and she has always been able to provide me with very clear intuitive counselling, healing and advice throughout any life crisis. I would recommend her to anyone looking for supportive accurate advice and healing.

Ed, Sydney


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We are based in bayside Brisbane, in the heart the Wynnum/Manly area

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