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She has been healing since 1999, and has worked and trained under various masters in this field, while training in various healing and mindfulness philosophies. Over the years hundreds have experienced being refreshed re-energised and reconnecting with the Divine Spark, within them. Some have received angelic messages, or messages from "beyond the veil", others have had negative energies lifted off them to lift them out of depression, anxiety, while others have had physical healings.

​In particular, Karen trained directly with the founder of Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui in Sydney  before his passing , as well as with the highly regarded NSW pranic healing association, in all levels of pranic healing including basic, advanced, crystal healing, pranic psychotherapy, pranic feng sui, kriya shakti, and various levels of arhatic yoga. 


She studied Tibetan Buddhism for five years, and trained with various other healing masters in India, USA and Australia.  She is currently completing a diploma of counselling.  Karen is a committed Christian, having always had a Christian base, working with Master Jesus to bring healing out from the pages of the bible into people's lives today.

These techniques are used to complement divine healing flows, in a similar way that Christians might use a medical doctor,  counselling, or scientific techniques in conjunction with prayer and personal faith.

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