Dealing with Depression – a Pranic Healing perspective

Tackling depression and anxiety often requires a multi faceted approach, rather than looking around for a “single bullet”.

From an energetic perspective, most clients who come to me suffering from depression or low mood, low energy, have very congested or low energy in all of their chakras, but particularly the base chakra.

have many different subtle bodies – our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our etheric body (the one that separates us from the next world – sometimes called our spiritual body). Chakras, or energy centres, interpenetrate all of these bodies.

One a chakra becomes congested, it tends to affect the entire set of chakras and the flow of energy throughout our body, since energy generally comes in through the crown chakra, flows through each of the other major chakras downwards, (eg ajna (third eye), chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, naval chakra, sacral chakra and then finally the base chakra, before it then travels upwards again.

So you can see the problem. If the flow of energy zips through the first three chakras, then meets a congested chakra (eg heart chakra), it can’t then effectively flow down, it is like a car being stuck in a traffic jam.

How this particular relates to depression, is that the chakra most important to depression is the base chakra. This governs our connection with the world, and the most basic needs, such as “where will I live, will I have enough money to survive, what will I do with myself, do I have a roof over my head?” etc.

So you can see by clearing out the traffic jam, energy can then reach that most lower chakra, the base chakra, and therefore a person’s energy improves, and the negative thought patterns around survival, immediately reduce or disappear. In fact the significance of the base chakra to depression is why Master Choa Kok Sui developed “the master healing technique” to quickly address this particular chakra.

Clearing the other chakras also improves all of the energy coming into their body, one of the most difficult symptoms of depression to deal with, having the energy to get out of a feeling of “stuckness” or difficulty in moving forward.

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