Five ways to feel more energised fast

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Feel bright and zippy in minutes with these easy tips

Feeling flat and grey? The body has simple in-built NATURAL mechanisms to remedy this. Here's a simple five ideas for you to feel better fast and bring out your COLOURFUL Divine Sparky self.

1. Sit in the sunlight.

You need Vitamin D from the sun and the sun also governs timeclock and assists in melatonin. As in the case of jetlag, being in the sun can almost instantly energise and re-time your body clock. Read the scientific facts here: If you're an office worker, try taking the sandwich outside in the sun rather than eating through lunch at your desk. You'll have more energy and be more productive in the afternoon.

2. Breathe. Breath is what separates the veil between this world and the next. Breathing right from the stomach, up into the lungs, repeatedly will make you feel fresher and more energised.

Do you know when you yawn, it is your body naturally trying to reestablish vitality through the breath?

Try pranic breathing to accentuate the effect. This is deep breathing, rather than the shallow breathing most of us practice day to day. The deep breathing also has powerful anti-anxiety properties.

Put your hands on your tummy and as you breathe in, feel the tummy expand. If it doesn't expand try breathing more deeply. When the tummy expands as you breath in, you are pranic breathing. Ah, more energy and a feeling of bliss at the same time. Yum to the body!

Check out this 3 minute video on pranic breathing and follow along:

Feelings follow thoughts. Think "I am full of energy"

3. Think positive thoughts. You are what you think. "I am full of energy"or "I feel better now" (sorry apologies to Medibank)! x. Say it ten times. Won't take half a minute. Don't think it will work? Try it. It works. Even if you don't feel it, force yourself to say it, and guess what? You are what you think.

Feeling tired from Sleep Deprivation?

A positive affirmation works very well for people feeling tired from sleep deprivation. Try "I am going to wake up feeling energised after a good night's sleep" before you go to bed. It works subconsciously. Trust me, I've used it heaps and it does work.

4. Exercise. Even if you're feeling tired, get a buddy or find someone to come with you if possible to motivate you take the first step off the couch or bed. Or think if I do this, I'm going to reward myself with xx when I get home. If exercise was a pill, every doctor would prescribe it. It activates the brain's feel good hormones, which wakes you up. Go for a walk, its simple, or do a few laps around the office or shopping centre or out to the postbox or shops and back. Or go hard and do 20 minutes three times a week.

5. Sit against a tree or go into green space. The energy from the tree/ or the forest will infuse into your body. Both physically and spiritually, also producing profound spiritual benefits. Touching the earth with bare feet will also help ground you. It also helps you negate the effect of EMF in our modern technology world. Or lay flat on the ground, letting your body literally touch the earth. Scientifically proven to work in three minutes. Read more scientific proof here:

About grounding:

Sit with your back against a tree. It works, try it.

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