How your thoughts affect everything. I mean everything!

In pranic healing we learn that energy follows thoughts. The second thing which is recognised in the medical community is that feelings follow thoughts.

So if we change our thoughts, we feel better. If we change our thoughts, people react to us differently. If we change our thoughts, we empower ourselves and invite more abundance in all its forms into our life. If we change our thoughts we can be stronger more resilient people.

Did you know that cognitive behaviour therapy is recognised to be the second most effective treatment for depression and anxiety after pharmaceuticals (eg antidepressants etc)? I

in a nutshell, this is training in recognising what we are thinking, why we might be thinking it, challenging those reasons and resultant thoughts, selecting a better thought process, and FEELING BETTER. Changing ourselves on a daily basis. It really works.

But how do we change our thoughts? Let’s be realistic. We have ingrained habits of thinking this way or that way which we have been using for decades. They might be acquired from childhood, where powerful imprinting of our family upbringing occurs in our minds. They might be from frustrations of the pasts, or extreme emotional or mental pain. We might have given up and see the glass half empty, not half full, because we come to the conclusion, somewhere in our conscious or subconscious minds, that “This is what life (or God) has dished up to me in the past, and that’s what’s going to happen in the future”.

But everyone says to me: I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it. I just keep getting stuck in the same cycle of how I’ve always been. I self sabotage myself. I try stuff, and it doesn’t work”.

Changing our thoughts can start right now. It's not as hard as we think, but there will be days we fall of the bike, dust yourself off, and get back on the bike. We need the will to do it. We need to break old habits and create new habits. It takes around 21 days to change a habit.

But there are some fantastic tools and shortcuts.

1. Pranic Psychotherapy

One of the best short cut I’ve found is the use of “pranic psychotherapy” which cleanses the chakras (energy centres”) of negative thought patterns, and then uses pranic healing techniques to destroy a negative thought pattern and replace it with a new opposite positive thought pattern.

2. Mediation

Meditation is another powerful tool. Meditation stills the mind, and invites the most powerful peace on earth, your soul, to permeate every part of your being. With a stiller more calmer mind, it is so much easier to see the world differently, and implant new more positive thoughts, because the mind is not racing around trying to catastrophize and distract us from our true nature. How God made us. To be peaceful and happy.

3. Mantras

Mantras are also a powerful tool used for centuries in all different cultures to train the mind in thinking in a more empowering way.

4. Cognitive Behaviour therapy

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