Our loving God – How he reaches those who cry out in unexpected ways – a true story

I believe that each of us is created by God, and that God is a loving God. Some people use the terminology “universe” in place of God. In this article I will use the term God.

Over the fifteen years I have been doing healing, I have seen many instances where God, and His angels, have reached people in impossible situations, which would often seem hopeless and the human mind would think “there’s no way that person could possible receive the help they need”.

Yet I believe that each of us has a connection with that God, whether we are conscious of it or not, and that God and all of the heavenly being such as guardian angels, are watching us each and every day, and are concerned about each individual on a very personal basis.

When someone cries out to that God, “I need help”, or “send me some direction” or “help me with this situation”, God hears them.

God then tries to reach that person, to answer their prayer, often in miraculous ways. The person asking for help just needs to be open to receiving an answer, or being helped, by carefully examining even the littlest things that happen in their life.

As an example: I was doing consultations in a shop some years ago, in a back room of a shop which was selling ornaments and goods. I heard a large wailing noise, a woman crying as if her heart was being ripped open. Without even thinking about it, something within me, (“that God place within me), immediately rose, found the woman, took her hand, and in tears she compliantly followed me into the private room. Not a word was said.

Then two things happened at the same time. Firstly, the woman explained she had five sons, and her most favourite son had tragically died in a motorcycle accident some time ago when he was just eighteen years old. She said she was overwhelmed with grief, and could not shake the grief.

Secondly, I began to sense (see with inner vision) the “image” or “presence” of a young man standing behind her. He was doing something very strange. He was beating his chest with his fists, over and over.

Its hard seeing things like this. You always second guess yourself about what you are seeing, especially when it something unusual like this.

I fought back the doubt, and said to the woman that I saw a young man, described him, and told her that his image was standing behind her and I mimicked the actions of beating my chest, to show her what he was doing.

She let out a gasp, and joy filled her face immediately. “that’s him, that’s my son”, she said, and then explained “The beating of the chest, that’s what he did when he knew he had done something stupid or silly, he was beating his chest to say he knew what he did was something he shouldn’t have done”.

She explained on the day of his death, he had had an argument, and, still angry, rushed outside, jumped on his bike, and had a fatal road accident soon after.

The woman’s whole countenance had changed. From tears of grief to tears of joy. “I know he’s safe now, I know he’s still with me, and I know he regrets what he did that day. I just needed to know that, that’s he’s still with me, even if in spirit.” She went on, “You know the other day I saw your photo on the sign outside the shop, and I just knew I felt something inside me saying I had to talk to you, and I went home, and the feeling was still with me, so I came back this morning to see you.”

God knew what she needed in her heart. He heard her heartfelt cries, the incomparable grief of a mother losing a dear much loved son. He knew she needed a sign that would bring her comfort. He found a channel (myself) to deliver that message. Her grief became comfort, and peace. God answered her cries. All in a suburban shopping centre.

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