"I was in hospital suffering the terrible pains associated with what the doctors had said was kidney stones. The doctors were trying various methods of treating the stones such as laser but the pain was just getting worse, even despite constant treatment and pain medication.


Karen came and did some general intuitive counselling about the emotions and circumstances underlying the timeline that I started to have the symptoms.  Then she did a pranic healing with me at my bedside and I was able to let go of and release some of my anxiety about issues I was carrying in my life at that time.  As she continued the healing, suddenly the pain started to diminish very quickly and then stop. 


The hospital discharged me the next day and the condition was completely gone. 


Karen is a talented healer whose connection to spirit is deep.  She has a caring and compassionate approach, which is supportive and gentle.  I would certainly recommend her as a trusted healer and intuitive counsellor."


Sylvia, Brisbane



“I saw Karen for help about an addiction I had been carrying for more than a decade, which was now causing a lot of physical health problems.  Karen was able to help me understand that the addiction was linked to events very early in my childhood in a new insightful way.  After the pranic healing session I felt so much lighter in a way that was difficult to explain, but I went back to my doctor and the physical symptoms had completely disappeared.  I am so grateful for this healing”


Tom, Brisbane


“I have known Karen for more than a decade, and she has always been able to provide me with very clear intuitive counselling, healing and advice throughout any life crisis.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for supportive accurate advice and healing.”


Ed, Sydney

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